3 Reasons to get Free Ares Download P2P Filesharing Software

Ares is the largest filesharing network on the planet right now.  Why do so many people choose Free Ares Download, and what are the benefits if you do the same?


It is certified adware and spyware free.  Many free filesharing services and software use adware and spyware to monetize the project.  While this may at first seem like a fair trade-off, many object to this practice on privacy grounds.  Even if the advertisements remain within the software interface, it’s very likely that your browsing activity is being reported to an ad network to “better serve you” with targeted advertisements.


Not so with Ares.  It is open-source software, not any more likely to contain privacy-violating advertisements than is the latest flavor of Linux.  Spyware can alter computer settings and damage the Windows registry, which will slow down and sometimes crash the host computer.  Ares is the safest filesharing program going.


Its user base and file base are huge.  Roughly 30 million people have chosen Free Ares Download due to its safety and speed.  Over time, these 30 million people have contributed more than 100 million files to the P2P network.  That means there’s a pretty good chance of finding any particular file you might be looking for.  And if you can’t?


Ares provides social networking.  The software supports chat rooms, so that you can ask around and see if anybody can send any files you may be looking for.


The software also has an instant messenger, so that you can keep in touch with people you meet through the service who share your interests.


It’s free!  It costs nothing to download or use Ares.  You can also make unlimited CDs and DVDs with it.  These are just some of the many reasons the service has 30 million users worldwide.

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