About Us

Ares.Org is a small group of people that found each other due an interest in different fields that all used the same term.  That term being Ares.  It was discovered … actually via google search that people are using the same word to describe there passion in completely different contents.  Thanks to the wonderful world of cyberspace we were able to come together and share our passions and build hopefully, life long friendships.  It started with on that has a love of music and computers and an addiction to the “ares” download program contacting one that has the same addiction and love for “ares” but through the “ham” radio world.  These two then happened across one who was crazy about “Ares” God of War.  This connection lead to the star gazer, astronaut hopeful who brought the Ares Space Rocket to the table.  To complete the circle is the business analysis guy who always wants to crunch the numbers of Ares Capital.  You can find us all at www.ares.org


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