Ares Free Download: What You Need To Know

What is Ares? Ares belongs to the free P2P application category which means that a network of computers and users are sharing anything and everything that are on their computer with anyone. Great, isn’t it? The concept of Ares is good because it is meant that there should be no interference from admins, no restrictions in downloads and of course, free. In the internet world where you cannot find free downloads easily, the Ares Free Download truly exists.

So, how is Ares different from the other P2P applications? It is by the fact that Ares is a decentralized network – there’s no admin that pries and limits what you can do, managed by the public which means that you can do what you want, there’s no RIAA, or MPAA watchdogs that you’ll have to think about. And what’s more is that the software was made to be an open source so everyone can use it! How cool can that be?

Let’s take a look back when this most liked P2P application was born. Well, Ares was first introduced in the year 2002. Nevertheless, Ares was only a simple music sharing client that connected to the Gnutella P2P network back then. After one year, it quickly branched off and from then on became its own network which was quite a good decision as it enjoyed popularity, stability, and growth.

Benefits of Ares

1. CleanAres, though a small p2p file sharing program, is nevertheless clean and nice and very easy to learn as well as organize your files.

2. Ad FreeAres is ad free, which saves you time from looking at those irritating advertisements. It is also spyware free, which is a very good factor because nobody wants spyware installed on one’s computer except for those wanting harm.

3. Well- OrganizedAres has a very clean and well-organized interface. When you search for your files, it has a decent speed in searching as well as in downloading which can be compared to the Bearshare application.

The Ares users who are connecting to the Ares network use one of the four P2P client and they are either the 

1. Ares Galaxy – This is the original standard client of Ares

2. Warez P2P – This is an Ares Galaxy clone

3. FileCroc

4. giFT (with an Ares plugin)

Now, what is the Ares Lite? Ares Lite is from the creators of Ares Galaxy. The difference between these two is that the developers made Ares Lite run on older Windows operating systems such as Windows 98 due to the fact that the Lite version requires less computer processing power and memory. That’s the only difference between the two and the rest of the aspects are somewhat similar. This version of Ares are no longer available for download for fewer people are now using the old version of Windows systems.

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    hola me llamo lorena me encantaria tener este ares xq lo niaecesito y si ustedes me lo podrian dar me alegraria

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