Burn your own DVD/CDs

To most subscribers, Ares is not only a file sharing program- it is also a program which allows users to download unlimited music and movies, can share information with other users without charge and most of all you can burn your own DVD/CDs. All of these for free because Ares’ only requirement is for the users to create an account that is free of charge and after that, one can already enjoy fast downloading of media files.

To know more about Ares, here are its unique features:

Unlimited Music/Movie Downloads

Has Over 100 million files

Ares has Turbo charged downloads

30 million users

Burn your own DVD/CDs

NO Spyware

Ares Offers Privacy Protection


User account creation Free of Charge

Free chat with other users

For these reasons and more, Ares is now becoming one of the most popular file sharing program today. Added to that, Ares contains absolutely NO adware or spyware which means your computer is safe from those popping ads on your monitor. Moreover, Ares has a very user friendly interface and is very easy to use even for those newbies. Another is that it allows users to share and download music, movies, games, software, images, etc., through what we call the Ares p2p network.

Once you are already a member, you can easily share your Ares download files, through the Ares decentralized p2p network and by being a member of the Ares virtual community, you can already search for and download just about any type of file that you like from other users through the largest and most reliable Peer to Peer network.

So, you can now have unlimited media downloads with the latest version of Ares, which can already support BitTorrent protocol and Shout cast radio stations. Ares is indeed a great way to meet new friends, host your channel, watch movies, listen to music and enjoy the moment.

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