Certified Clean – NO Spyware

Certified Clean Downloads With Ares

When you hear and think of file sharing software, it is normal that you also think of viruses that this program might bring to your computer. But worry no more, because with Ares, the downloads are certified clean – NO Spyware!

If you don’t know yet, Ares allows you to get any kind of file that you need and want and downloading within the network is turbo-charged when it comes to speed.

Ares Features

Because of the fast download speed it provides to users worldwide, Ares has become recognized as one of the best peer to peer program since  you can quickly tap the file you want from a variety of sources because  it includes a large network of users and the options are generally indeed unlimited.

Ares also provides users with a built in video player so no need to wait for the file to finish downloading before you can preview the file you are downloading. You can already play the file even if it is still 20% downloaded so if you don’t want what you see, then you can cancel your download and find another one.

Another feature of Ares is that you are allowed to meet new people and chat with pals within the system. Because of Ares’ social feature, you can already host chat as well as chat with other users and uploaders. This will do you good because if you can’t find a file you want, then you can chat with other users and he/she can help you find it.

Ares also gives its users their privacy protection because Ares will not make all files on your computer available to fellow users, instead it only the folder that you share with the network. So, all you need to do is to take away all privacy content to a new folder.

Ares also has powerful library organizer that will help with the coordination of the documents. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your Ares experience by registering now.

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