Fill Your iPod To The Max

The Beginner’s Self-Help Guide to Filling Your iPod (FILL YOUR iPOD TO THE MAX!)

Whether you just got a shiny new iPod, or contemplating on buying a new iPod and never quite sure where to begin with in getting some actual content put in it, then here is your guide how to.

For the inexperienced user, the work of filling your iPod to the max can be quite a daunting one because Apple has approached media management in the realm of ipod and iTunes differ significantly from what you’ve become accustomed to so here is an overview of Apple, iPod and iTunes.

The Philosophy of iTunes and Apple When It Comes to iPod Media Management

Apple is one step ahead when it comes to the different approach that it gives regarding how media submissions are managed, both on your computer, and also on the pod itself.

iTunes software application, a free download from the Apple website, manages the content on the iPod because it is a complete media management software is meant to organize and catalog your music, audiobooks, videos, podcasts, and much more.

The iTunes library is treated as the dominant point of all media content, and devices like the iPod, iPhone, and in many cases the Apple TV are considered extensions of this core iTunes library. The idea is that you are managing the content in a master library on your computer, and carry around areas of it in your portable device which is very different compared to other media product’s way of handling their content management. What is more is that iTunes automatically synchronizes your library (or possibly a portion thereof), to your iPod and once setup, the synchronization occurs transparently and automatically any time you connect your iPod to your computer.

Lastly, the initial step in getting content to your iPod is to get it into your iTunes library. Actually, should you not yet own an iPod but still planning to buy one, you can already download iTunes upfront and start importing your media content and getting your library ready to your iPod. Then, when you finally bought your iPod, all you have to do is to connect it to your computer and let iTunes take over from there.

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